healed ♥️

Stretch out your hand,

You said aloud,

To heal the man,

Among the crowd.

What miracles,

You do perform,

So to yourself,

We may conform.

A withered hand,

Or withered heart,

You draw us in,

Nor do depart.

O healing Lord,

Come bring your light,

Anoint our wounds,

Restore our sight.

Inspired by the Gospel of today, Luke 6:6-11

getting older 🤷🏻‍♀️

The other day, I intentionally chose and thoroughly enjoyed a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar. I didn’t crave the chewy Mars bar, or the delicious Three Musketeers.I chose the hard, boring, coffee crisp. What’s going on you may ask.. ? 🤔

I’m getting older.

I’ve noticed several grey/white hairs shining through my dark and (not so) youthful locks. Even my hair is saying…

I’m getting older.

I moan and complain when I hear the teenage neighbors having another party with loud music and I say things like, “ they are going to wake the baby!!”. My reactions tell me…

I’m getting older.

If I sit too long in one position, I have trouble getting up, and feel like I’ve broken something. My body knows that…

Im getting older.

The funny thing is.. those who are 50 would laugh at my 30 year old complaints! But those who are 80 would laugh at the complains of the 50 year old.

Everyday we’re all a little bit older, potentially a little bit wiser, and hopefully a lot more joyful ⭐️

quote for the soul ✨

Today’s inspiration comes from Saint Teresa of Calcutta. What a brilliant role model of love, suffering, joy and faith! Imagine what would happen if we all lived this way more intentionally…

“ I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love”

God bless 🎀

right here 💛

Lately, the way I hear the Lord is less through spiritual things, but more through events, circumstances and people. I thought I would share one of those little moments today.

It was when I was observing my four month old playing, rolling, and babbling to himself in his crib. He was quite happy until he turned so that his back was facing me and he got a little stuck. As time went on, he got more and more worked up because he couldn’t get out of that position. I was sitting nearby in the rocking chair, and gently called out to him saying, “ your okay, keep going, turn around!”. I wanted him to hear my voice and hopefully it would calm him down.

As you can probably guess, that didn’t work!! Eventually, he was so worked up that I went to him in the crib. My first words were, “ I’m right here”. Immediately, his frown and whines stopped and his beautiful, radiant, toothless grin appeared! He smiled at me with such joy and relief knowing that mama was there. He was safe. Everything was okay.

As I walked away from that crib, I had to think that we are so often like my son. We don’t hear the voice of our Heavenly Father gently calling to us. We find ourselves upset, despairing, hopeless and cornered in various areas of our lives. But the Father is always saying, “ I’m right here”. We might be facing the wrong direction, stuck in a tricky place like my son, but we are never alone! God is with us. Always. He’s right there ❤️

the nun who loved ♥️

So the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was last Friday. It’s a powerful feast that we celebrate in the Church because it helps us to gaze again on the merciful heart of Christ. This heart of love and tenderness that was pierced to save humanity… oh what a gift He has given the world!

I want to share a short story that comes to mind when I think about the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Two years ago when I was still living in Berlin, I used to pray and attend mass at a nearby convent of the St. Elizabeth sisters. They were so cute and welcoming and I would use my broken German to communicate with them!

I often came into that chapel with a heavy heart, carrying the weight of loneliness, anxieties and sadness. Life was hard for me at that time and I found solace praying among the sisters who were so devoted and faithful to the Lord.

There was one sister in particular who I got to know a little over time. She was from another order- the order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She happened to be living with the other sisters, as I believe she was sick with cancer.

One afternoon, I was crying softly in the pews when this same sister sat down beside me. Without hesitation, she pulled me to her chest and hugged me. The kind of hug a grandma gives her granddaughter. She hugged me with a strength that said “ your going to be okay”. She held me with an embrace that said “ I love you”.

In that moment, I truly felt the love and tenderness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus through this sister. I was so touched by her boldness and her love. She was moved by the Spirit to console me when I needed it most. I needed to feel the embrace of my Father, so he sent me his daughter.

I invite you to call out to the Lord, and seek his Sacred Heart. It is a heart burning with love and mercy. A heart that yearns to rescue, free and love you!

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have mercy on us ♥️

no hesitations ✝️

“ The Eleven disciples set out for Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had arranged to meet them. When they saw him they fell down before him, though some hesitated…”

– Matthew 28:16

This last line of the Gospel strikes me so much today. It’s noted that some of the disciples are hesitant when kneeling/falling before Jesus. Obviously, they aren’t fully convinced of who He really is*. They have doubt in their hearts that He really is the Christ, the Messiah the Saviour.

It’s an easy temptation to criticize the disciples for being so slow to believe. I mean, they literally walked and talked and lived alongside Him ! They saw with their own eyes the miracles, the wonders, the love… how could they hesitate?

There are probably several reasons, but I think this is about a lack of faith and trust. Those hesitant disciples didn’t trust the actions, words and deeds of Christ completely*. They were yet to fully believe in Christ.

And isn’t it with us! Despite the miracles that Christ has orchestrated in our lives, the beauty, the blessings, the consolations… we often hesitate when approaching Him. We doubt His love, question His plans, forget His goodness..

So I think today is a beautiful reminder to come confidently before the Lord and bow before Him. To surrender ourselves before He who Is. To come unhesitatingly before Jesus Christ in faith!

* I believe that the disciples came to a more perfected and trusting faith in Christ as time went on.

rooted 🌳

I would like to share a short bible verse that brings me such hope and peace! I’ve received this verse countless times over the past year through Mass, morning prayer, devotions etc. Perhaps it will speak to you, too?

“He is like a tree planted by water,
that sends out its roots by the stream,
and does not fear when heat comes,
for its leaves remain green,
and is not anxious in the year of drought,
for it does not cease to bear fruit.”- Jeremiah 17:8

God calls us to be rooted in the waters of his love and his very self. He calls us to profound trust in him, especially when the heat and trials of this life come ( which they will!). We need not fear, for if we have planted ourselves in him, nothing can harm us. We will bear fruit of love, virtue, and good works.

I don’t know about you, but this is a message that comforts me so much in a world that is very dark at times. We have so much reason to hope and rejoice🌱

reminders ♥️

In times where we feel,

God isn’t around.

When broken and bruised,

No hope to be found.

Just stop and look round,

At those that you love.

Your family and friends,

Were sent from above.

Their smile and their souls,

The hearts that they bear,

Moments together,

Are gifts that they share.

God’s voice can be soft,

At times hard to hear.

But we know his love,

In those that are near.