Winter Sunrise on the Prairies

Life is busy!  If you talk to most people, they would say that their career, family life, extracurricular activities, communities, housework, hobbies and travel take up the majority of their time and energy.

However, some of us get caught up in this every day grind and we find ourselves sort of floating through the days, months and years without knowing where the time has gone. I’m quite convinced that as we age, there is a shift in how we relate to time. Life seems to just cruise on, full speed! Regardless of how we might feel, we are thrust into the realities of life, adulthood, decisions and choices. Honestly, it can be a bit daunting at times. I see why so many movies are based upon time travel and going back in time…

I got to thinking about this accelerated time thing. Life is progressing, bringing with it all the joys, difficulties, accomplishments, fears, happiness and the rest. So, how do we feel content with the rhythm of our everyday lives, without feeling like were loosing out on time?

I think the answer is relatively simple, even cliche you might say. But how often do we actually do this: appreciate the small, seemingly insignificant moments which are presented to us each day? This is something I’m trying to do more and more. Throughout the course of my day, I try to take note of the bright and wonderful moments that occur. I want to see these moments, these experiences, as a gift. I often call them love letters from Above. Love letters from God. Some days, I will specifically ask Him to send me a love letter; a small sign or gesture of the great love which He has for me. For each one of us. He is truly a gentleman, and sometimes waits for an invitation! I love seeing the different and creative ways in which God can show His love. Usually, this is done through people, but I’m beginning to see that His love extends into all aspects of my day. The more I begin to seek these love letters, the more I find that he is present in all things, all the time. Here is a brief list of some of the love letters that I have experienced:

  1. Advanced green arrow at a light ( best. feeling. ever.)
  2. Student appreciation at school (compliment, conversations, gratitude)
  3. Compliments/kind words from a friend or family member
  4. Scripture verse of hope or inspiration
  5. Perfect coffee shop moment (coffee in hand, great music, yummy scone)
  6. Impromptu hug from my nieces of nephews
  7. E-mail or message update from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while
  8. Genuine smile from a stranger
  9. Man at Starbucks who bought my coffee
  10. Music lyrics that speak to my heart
  11. Opportunity to attend daily mass or adoration
  12. Buying a shirt that turns out to be on sale ( YAY)
  13. The guy at the gas station washing my windows even though I didn’t get gas
  14. All green lights on my way to work
  15. Answered prayers ( job, clarity on decisions)
  16. Nice conversation with a stranger (grocery store, street, neighbourhood)

Perfect Coffee Moment

 Although this list appears simple, or relatively common place, I think it’s so important to be able to identify the little love letters within our daily lives. I believe that this is one of the recipes for happiness, joy and appreciation. To be able to look back and see that we utilized the time we were given. That we saw our lives as a complete gift and beautiful adventure. Hopefully, we allow enough time to stop and marvel at the love letters from Above. For God is so ready and willing to show us His love at all moments. Have we given Him the invitation yet?

“…God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him…we love, because he first loved us…” – 1 John 4: 16, 19