a story book life?

You know that cliche analogy that compares our lives to that of a chapter book? The many events that unfold in our lives can be likened to new chapters, filled with exciting adventures, new beginnings, tragedies, unexpected events, life, loss, despair and hope.

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I think this analogy works quite well, and over the past years, I’ve found myself starting several new chapters along the way. For the most part, I’ve been “writing” my chapter book since early adulthood ( well co-writing… I mean, God is the ultimate author and I’m doing my best to follow His plan). I’ve played the leading lady in this exciting novel of life, and generally speaking, my decisions have dictated the direction of the plot and adventure. It’s been a great and wonderful journey, and I’m so happy with the way things have unfolded for the most part….

But what about the chapters that we didn’t choose for?

What about those events that are thrust upon our story, that we never asked for, never planned on, never wanted? Those chapters that completely mess up the plot that we had anticipated and hoped for?

Of course, Covid would be the easiest example at the moment. But I also mean those personal crises that we all face throughout our lifetime. The moments that bring us to our knees, have us questioning God and His plans, have us searching for answers yet finding none.

I’m in one of those chapters at the moment, and it’s been extremely hard to accept. I’m going through a physical diagnose that I never imagined, which is causing me immense pain and discomfort most hours of the day. It’s something that I never dreamed would ” happen to me” and something that makes me angry at times. I’m sure if I asked you reading this, you could think of a time in your life that was similar. Perhaps it wasn’t physical but emotional, social, psychological etc.

So what now? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. I think that sometimes in life there are chapters that we just can’t disappear from. Where we can’t devise some amazing escape plan, because we have to live and fight through this chapter to the end.. .I’m trying to stay hopeful, stay faithful and stay positive. I do know that God is in control, even though it feels like I’m slipping from His hands at times. I know He doesn’t want our suffering, and that this pain can be redemptive and it can bear an eternal fruit.

To all of you suffering right now: I know I can’t take it away. Nor can anyone else. But I want to validate what you are going through and say that I’m sorry you are going through this. Remember that you ARE a beloved son or daughter of the King. You don’t have to force yourself to be happy when your hurting, but keep the hope and remember that this too, shall pass.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “a story book life?

  1. Thank you so much for having a read! Yes- our lives follow many similar trends, despite the unique paths we take. Need to be loved and love, pursuit of happiness, quest for purpose, suffering… the list goes on! Take care and God bless


  2. Hey Jenny, your vulnerable expression here is very welcome for me. As I tend to say in my own writings, there is a universality to the human narrative. It’s why I write. Thanks for sharing snd thanks for taking the time to read my post on drawntojesus.Wordpress.com


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  3. Scoot- Thank you for these kind and very uplifting words. That quote is very beautiful and I intend to contemplate that more deeply and let that truth really sink in.

    The temptation to become bitter when suffering is so high. Such a mysterious way God has sometimes, but your right that He gives grace to overcome these times. Thank you for your prayers, and know that you will be in mine. Many blessings and courage!


  4. I will keep you in my prayers, I am sorry you are going through a painful and difficult time. This post is timely for my life as well. It is times like these that have helped me really learn what it means to say “Not my will, Lord, but Thy will be done.”

    Another quote that has brought me peace is by the stoic, Marcus Aurelius: “When anything tempts you to be bitter, think not ‘this is misfortune’, but ‘to bear this worthily is good fortune’.” God puts challenges before us because He thinks we are uniquely qualified among all humanity to face these specific challenges and overcome them. Our gifts and graces are given to us by God for these times.

    Thank you for this post, God bless you.

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