third trimester thoughts 💭

Being pregnant is such a beautiful adventure! It is a 40 week rollercoaster ride both physically and emotionally. Approaching the end of my third trimester, I find myself reflecting on the past months of pregnancy, and how I’ve grown ( literally and figuratively speaking haha!) as a person, a woman and a mama.

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Just a few little lessons/blessings/take aways that I thought I would share. Regardless of if you are pregnant or not, I think these can be appreciated by all:

  1. People love babies/new life- The degree of friendliness/love/generosity that I have received throughout my pregnancy, has increased with each passing month. The bigger I am, the friendlier people are!! The respect and love that total strangers ( and friends/family) have showered on me, is a testament to the power and sanctity of life. Humans are designed to welcome and love new life, and they do it without even realizing it.
  2. Pregnancy is proof that God exists- If you don’t believe that God is real, just watch the process of a growing baby in utero. It’s the most amazing and underrated miracle taking place every day around the world. The fact that this tiny, perfect, functioning human life grows from the fusion of a sperm and egg and is able to live in a woman’s womb for 9 months…. is incredible. Even as I carry my own son, I am often baffled at God’s miraculous and mind-blowing creation. How can you explain such a perfectly designed process without God?!
  3. We need to advocate for life- It doesn’t matter if a baby was conceived 1 minute ago, or 9 months ago… a beautiful life with a unique soul was created, and has the right to live, like you or I do. The lie that has crept into our society, claiming that abortion is a women’s right, a freedom, a choice… has to change. These tiny miracles from God are our most vulnerable humans that ought to be protected, fought for and loved. Let us keep praying for an end to abortion, and the conversion of hearts who control legislature and media.

There have been so many other beautiful and memorable moments, but those are stories for another day! Perhaps we can take some time today to thank the Lord for the gift of our own lives, and the fact that our parents choose life. I think we often forget to thank the Lord for this most fundamental gift, and this miracle that we were apart of.

God bless!

don’t stick to the status quo

A few months ago I wrote a poem called “Chained to our Choice”,  in response to the New York State legislature legalizing late term abortions and lighting up the World Trade Centre in pink to celebrate. Aside from a few short stanzas, I haven’t been able to blog about this topic very much given the fact that my heart (along with so many of yours) is breaking. The Germans have a word that captures this emotion and it’s called Weltschmerz. It literally means world pain. To have Weltschmerz is to hurt and ache with something that is taking place in the world. Something like abortion.

It’s interesting how God works, because the topic of abortion has been placed on my heart for years now. It all started in high school at a New Years Eve party. A young woman opened up to me about an abortion she had a year earlier. We weren’t even in the same friend circle, but I suppose one too many drinks and a heart full of sorrow caused her to share her story so unexpectedly. I will never forget this moment. Fast forward to when I taught chastity education and spoke about the beauty of life from the moment of conception until natural death. And here I am now:


This photo speaks to me of the power of standing out. Abandoning our camouflaged hiding spots to become a bold and vibrant sign to the world of life, dignity & love !

Even now in Germany, God continues to lead me to places where I can speak about the beauty of life and the dignity of every human person. I have had two very intense encounters in my German classes where I was the only one who spoke for the life of the unborn. The reality of how mislead our society has become, how far from truth we are, how twisted the enemy has played with “Women’s Rights”… is shocking. I left both of those conversations and cried in the hallway. I cried for those in my class who believe the baby is only a lump of cells, I cried for those who call abortion  freedom, but most of all I cried that I was alone in fighting for life.

The world needs Christians who stand up for life and speak about it! After the second conversation, one man came up to me and thanked me for my opinion. He seemed genuinely appreciative that I had brought up a new perspective.

It is not easy to stand apart and disagree with something that has become the “status quo”. But this is the call of Christ when he said, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:10).  Let us pray for one another. That we might find the strength in Christ to be a light in the darkness. That we might receive the gift of courage to speak the truth, in love, without fear. It’s not an easy road, but by the grace of God all things are possible : )


Chained to our Choice.

In light of the recent abortion laws passed in New York, I find myself struggling with how to react. With an angry, devastated, and confused heart, I bring my prayers to the Lord and his Blessed Mother- asking that they change the hearts of stone, into hearts of flesh.


We’re free to choose, yet

Chained to our choices.

Nothing to loose, but

Can’t shake the voices.

With pink lights aglow,

The papers all signed,

Smiles on their faces,

 To kill humankind.

Does freedom now reign,

In body and soul?

Women empowered,

And made to be whole?

Our hearts are aching,

So we ask and pray,

That your will be done,

And all find their way.


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