pursuing the positive

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Thankfulness your hard to find,

In times that seem so dark.

Sadness creeps so quietly,

It tries to leave its mark.

Just like stains that never fade,

They always catch our eye,

Thankfulness your hard to find,

But if we only try.

Singing birds play music now,

The rain it makes us smile,

Nature is a masterpiece,

We stop to sit awhile.

Thankfulness your hard to find,

When we stop seeking you.

Light will always radiate.

And rays they will shine through.

moving upstairs

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Form me,

mould me,

shape and craft me.

Breath of life,

in my lungs.

Guide me,

show me,

bring and lead me.

Breath of life,

in my lungs.

Take us,

hold us,

lead and bring us.

Breath of life,

in our lungs.

Be the flame

That burns within.

Be the flame

That leads to Him.


Mary Mother of Emmanuel

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In this time of advent, we prepare as Mary did, to welcome Jesus. Through the Annunciation, Mary was accepting all that would take place in the life of her Son. His birth, childhood, mission on earth, miracles, persecutions, crucifixion, death, resurrection, ascension into heaven and sending of the Holy Spirit. Mary always endured these moments with perfect faith, hope and peace. I share this poem as a prayer of thanksgiving to Mary for her YES. By her openness to the Holy Spirit, she contributed to the redemption of mankind by giving life to Emmanuel; God with us.

Will we come to the humble cross,

And kneel at Mary’s side?

To contemplate this gruesome loss,

Our Savior who has died.

In silence do we bear the pain?

Submit to greater love.

To know this Lamb who has been slain,

Was sent from up above.

With eyes of Mary, let us see,

That light and hope remain.

His body hung upon the tree,

Will come to life again.

Oh Perfect Hope and Loving Heart,

Come to our aid we pray.

To never leave nor to depart,

But guide us on our way.

To you our Mother, Queen and Guide,

We give you all we are.

Into your heart, let us abide,

Most Holy Perfect Star.



only You may shine

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Jesus in the Eucharist,

You are who I need.

Loving is not possible,

Less you take the lead.

All you are, you give to us,

Love and life and peace.

Teach us what it means to trust,

Faith to never cease.

Dwell in me, and I in you,

Sacred Heart Divine.

So that when I leave this place,

Only you may shine.


             Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Prayer of the Lamb

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Father forgive them, they do not know,

They can not see Your light.

Your Mercy and Love I’ve come to show,

Yet they search and seek to fight.

You are in I, and I in you,

I speak on your accord.

Your Word is right and it is true,

I come on earth as Lord.

To save them from all earthly sin,

From death and from their pain.

A battle Father, We will win,

For this is why I came.

Father, I’ve come to do your will,

But I know where it will lead.

I see the cross upon the hill,

My side, that it must bleed.

I love them so I give my life,

To bring them close to You.

No matter the sorrow and the strife,

This is what I’m sent to do.

When I will leave, the Spirit can come,

He will guide them in My name.

To understand where I came from,

That the Father and I are same.

With the Spirit we are unified.

Three persons yet one being,

This love in which we all abide,

Is source of all thats freeing.

Father, I’m Shepherd of the sheep,

May Your will be done today,

Pray for those who mourn and weep,

That they do not loose their way.

For I am the Truth and the Light,

I bring them all to You,

I will come again, enrobed in white,

To give them life anew.